Xenplate equipped mobile devices may be the only computers your company needs. Xenplate provides a consistent user experience across mobile and office based computers that allows information to be shared between staff and customers. It provides reliable and secure data storage, doing away with the need for in-house databases and servers and its easy to use screens allow review and creation of forms, document and reports. Embedded communications minimize human effort needed to handle incoming messages from customers and staff (SMS, email and voice messages), as these are routed directly to the appropriate staff. The tablets do away with the need for scanners and rigorous built in validation and workflow minimizes errors and improves the quality of entered data. Everything operates within a full audit control system, reducing the burden of compliance with standards and regulations. Xenplate will provide a return on investment from the moment you start using it.

Xenplate is designed to work in the field and to avoid wasting visit time, is available for use within seconds of being switched on. It works regardless of the quality of mobile connection as it synchronizes intelligently in the background with the Xenplate private cloud whenever connectivity is available. The clever technology is hidden from the users; they switch on, do their job and switch off.

Xenplate is secure: it is built to meet NHS medical standards and supports full end to end encryption (AES256), which together with the option to use multi-factor authentication makes it ideal for applications that demand protection of personal data. Xenplate can be used as a full electronic patient record system and can directly interface to TPP SystmOne.

Advanced communication capabilities transform the cost of running a support service as the field staff can often look after their customers without the need to have a manned reception desk. Text messages, email and voice can be routed automatically to the user's devices and they can respond whilst offline via the Xenplate apps. Full escalation workflow is built into Xenplate to ensure that messages are not left unhandled and a full audit trail is maintained automatically.

Reporting is an essential part of managing staff who work remotely. Xenplate provides several methods of reporting on data and metadata (how the system is used); at the simplest level, field data can be exported on demand or according to schedule in multiple formats (e.g. CSV, Excel, PDF etc.). Custom reports can be built inside Xenplate and run on demand or scheduled and these can be full featured, smart reports, again in multiple formats. For power users, Xenplate mirroring can be used to clone the database tables to the customer's own on-premise database from which reports can be created using proprietary cut, slice and dice tools and visualization aids.

Xenplate supports a programming API that allows tight integration with third party IT systems, workflow engines etc. L2S2 developed its major audit tool that is used by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine to conduct its national audits as a full-featured workflow application with Xenplate at its heart, integrated through the API.

L2S2 develop custom plugins for customers to include their intellectual property inside Xenplate; they get the immediate approvals of the framework as well as being able to leverage the investment in development and test in the framework. In a recent development, a complex medical model was turned into an approved tool and deployed inside a major NHS Trust hospital in less than one month - previously this would have taken more than a year due to the time required to get approvals.

Xenplate is a big system - we are confident that it competes directly with all other mobile systems worldwide. We have a sizeable, experienced development team adding functionality continuously to meet our customers' needs. Once fully tested, this technology is added to our standard product to ensure that it always stays at the front of the field.


Xenplate is a framework that manages all aspects of synchronization, security, scheduling, interfacing to external systems and providing support to the Xenplate apps for Android and Windows. It can be considered to be like a word processor in that it provides capabilities but not content. In the same way that documents are created or loaded into a word processor to become letters, forms, reports and books it is necessary to load content into Xenplate. A Xenplate 'document' is called a Plate and as with a word processor, Plates can be created, modified, purchased off the shelf or developed to specification. A set of Plates will usually provide everything necessary to perform jobs using the mobile device; a good example would be a Plate Set that drivers would use on their mobile device every day to perform their HGV vehicle checks. In a matter of minutes the driver would confirm each item inspected, record any deviations, photograph any broken parts and record mileage etc. This information would be stored encrypted on the device and would synchronize automatically when connectivity is available with base where it would get included in reports ready for audit.

Xenplate has an ever growing repository of Plates that can be used off the shelf or with very little modification. Xenplate can be used in medicine, transport, utilities, energy, education, survey and more - the list is only limited by imagination. Our expert teams will advise on content, provide training so that you can design your own Plates or brief our Plate production team to build exactly what you need to run your business.

Design your own Plates

Xenplate is supplied with everything you need to build or modify your own Plates without requiring programming skills. A full range of controls can be dragged onto a Plate to create new applications; the Cloud storage is automatically built to match your designs. As soon as you publish your Plate you can start to use it in the field and it is as easy to configure bespoke reports to display the data. L2S2 also provide a full managed service and if you wish, will construct new applications for you.