Always Listening

The Samaritans and other similar counselling organisations have found that text messaging is a popular method of communication with teenagers who will frequently find it an easier medium than voice or email. Xenplate provides a secure, reliable and low cost way of offering SMS without revealing staff contact details and ensures that messages are not lost and that they are properly stored.

The Xenplate Cloud accepts incoming text messages (SMS), email and voice-mail from known, identified senders. Each message is displayed on a live bulletin board as it arrives and the message is forwarded to the nominated responsible person's mobile devices automatically. The bulletin board shows the time the message was received and colours the message according to pre-set rules until it is handled. SMS alerts are automatically sent to the responsible person if a response is not received within the pre-set time and an escalation pathway is followed that requires alternate handling procedures.

Using Xenplate prevents messages getting lost and ensures measured compliance. Comprehensive logging and reporting make it straightforward to monitor the service and ensure that any formal requirements are met.

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